My Yarns and Lace

On this page you will find much information on the yarns and lace I sell. I will show you the difference between the three different yarns that I use with my Oxford Punch Needles but also, the wool lace that I use with my Cameo.

I hand-dye all my yarn and lace myself. For the most part, I use Pro-Chem dyes and some Jaquard. It is really important to me to achieve variegation in my dyeing. Without it, a piece just does not have the interest and movement that a solid color offers- that is just my opinion- my 'eye.' Below is a photograph of the background of my 'Fancy Needlework' Oxford punch needle rug. Look at the layering of variegated color! Beautiful! AND easy to do when you have the right yarn to do this with.

You can see above how this background has the movement that is created with variegated yarn. Also, notice the loops. If you look carefully, you will see that they vary in thickness as well. This is my 'Handspun' style yarn at work. I have samples below:

This yarn is my 'Hand spun' worsted weight yarn and by far my favorite and what I sell the most of. It has a slight thick and thin to it so when punched, it created not only the sweetest little loops but a bit of size variation which gives such a hand made, 'hand-spun' look to whatever you are making. This needle works with the #14, #13 & 10fine. One yard covers a 1" x 1" area.

This yarn is my 'Handspun' Bulky weight yarn. It is very similar to my worsted weight yarn. I use it for whip-stitching the edge of rugs and it could be used with any of the larger Oxford needles. The color in the photograph is my 'Coffee Cafe.' One yard punches approximately a 1 1/4" x 1 1/2" area.

'Mama' See how much beautiful detail you can get by using a finer yarn? And this is my rug yarn that could even be used for a floor rug!

This is my RUG yarn. It is a course, two ply yarn that is very suitable for floor rugs. I use my #14 Oxford with this yarn although the #13 and #10fine. I like this finer yarn as it allows for more detail as you can see in the rug directly below, 'Mama.' One yard punches a 1" x 1" area. My sample color is 'Bittersweet.'

Yvonne Buus, 2019

                                                       On to the Cameo Punch Needle and Lace!

This the the Cameo Ultra Punch Needle next to a 40 yard ball of my hand dyed lace weight wool yarn. As with my other yarns that I dye, one of my goals is color variegation for beautiful movement and interest. Colors shown are 'Dancing Girl' and 'Faded Calico Blue.'

I have had a wonderful response to this lace weight yarn. It is easy to use- no splitting- just load in your Cameo (medium tip) and punch. 

   To the right is my pattern, 'BerryPicking' done with

               my lace. Weavers cloth is a handdyed piece from 

               The Bonny Bee ( It is 

              'Raspberry.' The Bonny Bee is a high quality seller

              and a fun lady to get to know!

Last but not least! The wool! Beautiful for hooking, quilting, applique and punch needle...wait a minute! Did I just say punch needle? Yes, I sure did. I LOVE punching with wool strips. I prefer using the #9 punch and #6 cut wool strips. Moves quicker than hooking but the results look as though your rug has been hooked. Photographed from front to back is: Oh Sweetheart! Red, Moonbeam, Plum, Midnight In Paris, Hydrangea, and French Roses.

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