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Hello Friends!
There are some goals I have with creating this web-site. On one page, 'My Yarns and Lace' you will find a lot of information about the yarns and lace I have. I know these fibers by heart, but I want you  be able to see clear examples before ordering.
Also, there is a great blog area on this new web-site and that is where I want to focus on answering some of the great questions I get. This week alone, I got five questions just about frames. I want a central place that I can answer things that you can refer to and learn from. I always intend to make videos and they seldom happen. But blogging I can do anytime!
There is also a 'Table of Contents' page for my blog so that you can quickly find something you are looking for.
There is a page to 'get to know me.' 
I have had an Etsy shop for a few years now. I always  debate on whether to open my own on-line store, but for now Etsy is doing the job so there is an Etsy link for you.
 'My favorite piece of wool"
'Beautiful! Beautiful! Has such an old fashioned look to it'
'Wool does not get any better than this! The best! Beautiful movement and amazing colors!
'Wonderful customer service and attention to detail. Thank you!

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